The Water Carrier Book Launch

Posted on: June 10, 2014

Authors Glyn Morris and Rick Norris launched their book The Water Carrier exclusively at Walsall Studio School today. The book, a gritty work of fiction, deals with the main character 14 year old Alfie, who has to deal with bullying both at home and at his school.

The book not only deals with bullying but also homophobia and racism in a challenging and dramatic way. Alfie’s self esteem reaches an all time low when the intervention of an ex Croatian footballer helps him to try and put his life back on track. The book is aimed at 14-19 year olds and as part of the launch, all students and staff have been given a signed copy of the book as part of our summer literacy initiative.

The book is also available as a download on Kindle.



Rick Norris writes a personal message and signs copies of the limited edition books for each student


Glyn Morris and Rick Norris with students Olya Gribuska, Arun Collier and Megan Hutchins


Glyn Morris and RIck Norris are interviewed by Megan Hutchins on the school radio station