Our Vision

We are a small school committed to delivering a personalised education experience for all students. We demand professional standards while nurturing a family environment, where weekly work placements and project-based learning provide young people with a competitive advantage when progressing onto university or into employment. 

Our Mission

Our purpose is to support the personal and professional development of students in readiness for the world of work.  To build students’ confidence through encouraging the development of an entrepreneurial spirit and understanding of the positive difference each individual can make to our local community and wider society.


Ethos of “Perform and Applause”

We actively design and build opportunities for young people to present their ideas, demonstrate their achievements and received recognition from other students, staff and local employers. Our ethos of ‘perform and applause’ underpins our belief that everyone has the opportunity to be heard and share their ideas, thoughts and opinions. Peer acknowledgement, critique and celebration are commonplace and prepare students for future employment appraisal as well as developing critical communication skills.


Our school will be known for…

  1. Being small in number and unique in purpose
  2. Having high expectations coupled to realistic opportunities
  3. Having a broad outlook, visionary in spirit
  4. Our partnerships with employers – making young people work-ready


Our students will be known for…

  1. Being entrepreneurial and enterprising
  2. Being professional and understanding work
  3. Being vocationally inquisitive and eager to work
  4. Contributing to the local community and wider society



Values and Behaviours

We expect staff and students alike to demonstrate our school values on a daily basis. While we are not a faith school, Christian-based core values (peace, trust, friendship, justice, forgiveness and community), which permeate every aspect of school life, are clear. These include valuing everyone and protecting individual rights to freedom and choice, working actively against discrimination and social exclusion, and respecting the beliefs and practices of others.

The following five behaviours are prioritised within the school and form part of staff performance management process for all management, academic, pastoral and support members of staff:

1.     Investing in the Economy of Together
(an environment where people Live, Learn, Work and Play together)

2.     Leading by Example – Christian Core Values
(peace, trust, friendship, justice, forgiveness and community)

3.     Driving Improvement, progress, and innovation
(just enough is never enough – supporting and challenging each other to improve)

4.     Delivering for each individual (student, staff member, customer)
(no student left behind, no one falling ‘under the radar’, all students, staff and customers valued as “the most important”)

5.     Communicating our message with impact
(being “on message” and getting our message “out there” to prospective students, their parents, local employers, wider stakeholders)