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Y10/11 Curriculum at Walsall Studio School

Our Y10 and Y11 students study a range of GCSEs and BTEC qualifications including subjects in our vocational specialist pathways (Business, Music/Performing Arts, Broadcast Media). The curriculum also includes non-qualification study and learning focussed on preparing students for life when they leave school. These ’employability skills’ are based upon the unique studio schools CREATE framework and also include extensive work to develop students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness and activity. This includes preparing our students to positively approach life in modern Britain.

Subjects include:

Core Subjects: English, English Literature, Maths, Science
Additional Academic Subjects: Geography, Modern Foreign Language (Chines Mandarin or French)
Vocational Subjects: Performing Arts, Music, Visual Arts/Media, Business, IT
Personal and Community Development: Citizenship, Tutorials RE/SMSC/PSHE, Personal Coaching


Sixth Form Curriculum at Walsall Studio School

Our Sixth Form students enrol onto a ‘Study Programme’ consisting of the following:

– A Vocational Specialist Pathway
– English/Maths (Either AS/A Level, GCSE Re-sit or the New L3 Core Maths Programme)
– Tutorial / Personal Coaching
– Work-related Live Projects, Commissions and Work Experience/Placements

Our main vocational pathways (see links below).


Please download a copy of our prospectus:

WSS prospectus


Personalised Curriculum:
Different to traditional School or College

Our curriculum offer, our approach to teaching and the experience our students receive is very different to traditional schools and colleges.

We believe every young person is unique.

We personalise the curriculum on offer in our school in response to the needs and aspirations of each student.  Bespoke pathways can be developed for students by our team of coaches and partners to ensure every young person embarks upon an aspirational journey that fits them as an individual.  In all cases we are concerned with meaningful progression into employment, either directly from the school/sixth form or onto university or further education and training.


14-16 (Y10 & Y11) and 16-19 (Sixth Form / Studio Bridge) 

There curriculum at Walsall Studio School is structured to offer progression directly into employment or onto university on route to employment.  Students can join the school or sixth form as either a Pre-16 or Post-16 student.



Years 10 & 11 (KS4)

Students in years 10 & 11 study  the same national curriculum core academic qualifications as traditional schools – however they will be taught these subjects with a project based approach which encourages collabration.

Students will work towards GCSEs in English, Mathematics, dual award Science and ICT in addition to high value and recognised vocationally relevant BTEC qualifications.

The Studio School will also have an strong Enterprise specialism with links to Social Enterprise. This specialism alongside the study of Digital & Creative technologies forms part of our commitment to students to prepare them for life and employment in the 21st Century.

In years 10 & 11 young people will select either a Design & Creative Media route or a Performing Arts: Music / Dance / Drama route in which to explore the wider cultural and community aspects of society. Here the school will also deliver RE and PSHE including relationships and citizenship.




Sixth Form (KS5)

Sixth Form students choose a main vocational pathway to follow that is mapped to the career aspirations of each individual student. Each vocational pathway will contain a BTEC qualification as the main component which facilitates progression to further study or UCAS points for university applications.  As each of our pathways are tailored to the needs and aspirations of each student – additional qualifications (including A Levels) are added to each student’s programme as appropriate.

Currently we are accepting applications for programmes leading towards a large selection of careers themed in the following sector areas:



We will always ensure each student is studying at the appropriate level to achieve and to progress. Each of the above pathways have  main programmes at Level 2 (requires minimum 4x GCSEs at grade D) and Level 3 (requires minimum 4x GCSEs at A*-C).  As part of initial advice and guidance we may ask students to demonstrate their skill and ability in their preferred pathway.

Once personalised, each of these these pathways are also available as a 2-year Studio Sixth Form programme or a 1-year Studio Bridge programme with progression directly into employment or onto university for further study.




The CREATE curriculum

The CREATE framework and approach applies to students in Years10 & 11 and students studying programmes as part of our Studio Sixth Form and Studio Bridge.

The CREATE skills framework (Communication, Relating to people, Enterprise, Applied skills, Thinking and Emotional intelligence) runs throughout the projects delivered at the Studio School. The CREATE framework has been specifically developed to equip young people with the skills they need to succeed in life).
CREATE Diagram 2012


Unique to Walsall Studio School & Sixth Form

There will be a number of distinctive features that will set Walsall Studio School apart from other provisions. These include:

  • A family atmosphere based upon care & equality
  • A flexible, personalised curriculum that combines education and social enterprise with CREATE skills
  • Significant input from local and national employers with live briefs and work placements
  • A new build, modern, professional work environment with classrooms, studios and offices in the new Goldmine centre

Please download a copy of our prospectus:

WSS prospectus